Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Vol. 2

Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Vol. 2

Publication Date: 2003

Publisher: DC Comics

Pages: 176

Format: Paperback

Authors: Greg Rucka, Devin Grayson, Ed Brubaker, Steve Lieber, Scott McDaniel, Sergio Cariello, Roger Robinson

3.96 of 1,507

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Under arrest for the murder of his girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, Bruce Wayne has broken out of prison to prove his innocence and is a wanted fugitive. Now Batman must live up to his reputation as the World's Greatest Detective to discover who had the power and the genius to frame his millionaire playboy alter ego. Aided by Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl, Batman sets out on a quest to get answers and solve the mystery of his enemy's identity. But once the true murderer is revealed, Batman learns that clearing his name and bringing his nemesis to justice may not be so simple.

- Detective Comics #768-#772
- Gotham Knights #31
- Batman #605

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