Hide and Secret (Mysteries of Middlefield, #3)

Hide and Secret (Mysteries of Middlefield, #3)

ISBN: 1400317193

ISBN 13: 9781400317196

Publication Date: September 19, 2011

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Author: Kathleen Fuller

4.33 of 127

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Anna Mae Shetler is a tomboy who loves nothing more than exploring the woods with her two best friends, Amos and Jeremiah. During a game of hide and seek they stumble upon a mystery that will threaten to tear apart their friendship, and—as they soon discover—it’s a mystery that caused a rift in their families decades earlier. 

Anna Mae and her friends are playing in the old tree house in the woods when a floor board suddenly breaks. No one is seriously hurt, but when they take a second look, they see that a metal box of money and a diary are hidden under the floor in the crook of the tree branches. Upon further inspection, they discover that it is a lot of money.

As the three set out to solve the mystery, they learn that Jeremiah and Anna Mae’s grandmothers were once great friends, something they would have never guessed since the two women have only been distantly civil to each other in their lifetimes. As they search further, Jeremiah and Anna Mae realize there is a missing third party who must certainly hold the answers to this puzzle. Before they can find out, the money disappears again and threatens the trust of the three friends.

Can Anna Mae solve this mystery before it tears apart more relationships? And can God heal decades-old pain and distrust?

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