The Sheriff's Daughter

The Sheriff's Daughter

ISBN: 0373717288

ISBN 13: 9780373717286

Publication Date: September 06, 2011

Publisher: Harlequin

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Author: Kay Stockham

3.96 of 98

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They must obey the laws…of attraction!

Deputy Liam McKenna is dreading the next two weeks. His assignment: watching over the sheriff’s daughter, Carly Taggert. Liam has known Carly—and her knack for getting into trouble—since high school. With her kind heart and optimistic nature, she never intends that trouble, but it sure is attracted to her. He expects to be kept on his toes.

What he doesn’t expect is protecting her from himself.

No one is more surprised by the intense passion between them than Liam. Still, nothing can ever happen. She’s the boss’s daughter and Liam’s responsibility. He needs to be professional. At all times. Too bad Carly isn’t about to make it easy for him.

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