Guarding Jane Doe

Guarding Jane Doe

ISBN: 0373226284

ISBN 13: 9780373226283

Publication Date: August, 2001

Publisher: Harlequin Books

Format: Paperback

Author: Harper Allen

3.67 of 24

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If he hadn't received a letter from a dead woman who'd once saved his life, Quinn McGuire wouldn't have agreed to help a frightened Jane Doe to honor his unpaid debt. As her 24-hour protector, this burned-out soldier for hire would go to the wall to save "Jane" from a madman who claimed she'd committed a heinous crime. When their joint investigation uncovered her past, Quinn thought convincing Jane she was innocent of cold-blooded murder would be his greatest challenge -- but he was wrong! Finding the courage to love Jane was....

Putting their lives on the line is their duty, but holding on to true love is the ultimate challenge for -- THE AVENGERS

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