Beginning Again

Beginning Again

ISBN: 1476703728

ISBN 13: 9781476703725

Publication Date: November 27, 2012

Publisher: Atria Books

Pages: 64

Format: ebook

Author: Sarah Pekkanen

3.81 of 232

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A heartwarming original estory that shows that there is life—and yes, even love—after heartbreak.

Things have always gone perfectly for Corrine Brown—until now. She’s separated from her husband of less than three years, and going solo to her baby sister’s wedding in Minnesota. As happy as she is for Ilsa, the weekend is long and lonely, and she’s eager to get back to her life in LA…until she realizes that her life, as she’s known it, is over. Forced to reinvent herself just when she thought was finally settled, Corrine soon learns that sometimes, the most rewarding adventures are the ones that we least expect.

A continuation of the original short e-stories All Is Bright and Love, Accidentally, but told from the point of view of a new character, Beginning Again is a heartfelt take on what happens when one happily ever after fades—and another begins.

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