Equality. Diversity and Disadvantage in Employment

Equality. Diversity and Disadvantage in Employment

ISBN: 6613839434

ISBN 13: 9786613839435

Publication Date: December 05, 2000

Publisher: Not Avail

Pages: 255

Format: ebook

Authors: Mike Noon, Emmanuel Ogbonna

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This edited collection brings together new research findings from a wide range of academics investigating equal opportunities and managing diversity. It explores the impact of gender, race/ethnicity, disability and age on employment opportunities and examines theoretical issues underlying the experience of discrimination. Based on original research, each chapter analyses a different facet of equality and diversity and draws out the policy implications. The chapters adopt a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse cases from various countries, thereby highlighting differences and similarities in the formulation and implementation of equality and diversity policies. As a result the book provides an up-to-date review of developments in the subject area and reveals important lessons for policy makers and practitioners.

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