Raider's Curse (Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure #1)

Raider's Curse (Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure #1)

ISBN 13: 9781939704020

Publication Date: February 02, 2013

Publisher: DreamSpinner Communications

Pages: 30

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Gail Z. Martin

4.07 of 66

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Raiders’ Curse—The legend begins. When sea raiders threaten the villages along the Margolan coast, young Jonmarc Vahanian risks everything to save his family.

The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures
Soldier. Fight slave. Smuggler. Warrior. Brigand lord. If you’ve met Jonmarc Vahanian in the Chronicles of the Necromancer and Fallen Kings Cycle books, you don’t really know him until you take his journey.

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