Where or When

Where or When

ISBN: 141370414X

ISBN 13: 9781413704143

Publication Date: March 31, 2005

Publisher: Publish America

Pages: 220

Format: Paperback

Author: Ralph Bland

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Life is a constant struggle for Emily Hughes. Whether she's all in a dither over the recent weird behavior of her eighty-nine-year-old organ-playing mother or fretting over the fact that her grown son, Thomas, is dallying with a woman at the health department or just in a lather that her daughter, Ruthanna, is openly cavorting with the son of her worst enemy, there's always a crisis in view. Add all that to the fact that the new minister of music down at the Maxwell Street Baptist Church looks an awful lot like Paul Newman, and suddenly Emily is confronted with a hymn book full of rampaging hormones herself. And with Nashville, Tennessee, fast becoming a nesting ground for sin and wickedness, there's simply no time for a good Christian woman to get any rest.

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