A Level Mathematics: Lesson on C4 Differentiation

A Level Mathematics: Lesson on C4 Differentiation

ISBN: 1516995155

ISBN 13: 9781516995158

Publication Date: September 08, 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 36

Format: Paperback

Author: G C Ioannou

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Here I offer a complete lesson on Maths A level suitable to Edexcel C4 Differentiation, This set of notes completely covers the chapter with 57 worked examples. With over 20 years experience in teaching A level Mathematics(Pure mathematics and Mechanics) I offer these notes covering a wide range of problems with complete solutions. In this way I hope to help students achieve a high score in their A level maths exams. Each lesson covers theory and formula necessary for the chapter and step by step explanation of all solutions. Problems are arranged in an ascending order of difficulty reaching A level standard. Applies also for any students studying at this level. It includes: 1) Implicit and Parametric Differentiation 2) Problems involving rates of change. ie rate of change of Area of Volume etc of various shapes such as cylinders, cubes, cones ...etc 3) Exponential differentiation of y=a DEGREES(x). The general case for the differentiation of y=a DEGREES[f(x)]. Differentiation of the case y=x DEGREES(x). 4) Equations of tangents and normals. 5) Tangents parallel a)x-axis b)y-axis

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