The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

ISBN: 0140434747

ISBN 13: 9780140434743

Publication Date: April 16, 1996

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 542

Format: Paperback

Authors: Anne Brontë, Stevie Davies

3.92 of 64,905

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Note: Editions of The Tenant that start with: "You must go back with me..." are incomplete. Actual opening line of the novel is: "To J. Halford, Esq. Dear Halford, when we were together last..."

Helen Graham moves to Wildfell Hall in a shroud of mystery: where has she come from, and who exactly is she?

Anne's novel is the story of the beautiful and mysterious Helen Graham, who arrives at Wildfell Hall suddenly one day. No-one knows who she is or where she has come from, and Gilbert Markham, a young farmer who has fallen in love with her, sets out to find some answers. This is an ambitious and successful work that is a real pleasure to listen to.

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