Being Good and Doing Right: Readings in Moral Development

Being Good and Doing Right: Readings in Moral Development

ISBN: 0819192686

ISBN 13: 9780819192684

Publication Date: October 11, 1993

Publisher: University Press of America

Pages: 190

Format: Paperback

Author: Arthur Dobrin

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This book of readings is designed to help the student better understand how people develop their moral sense. Contents: Ethics and Moral Development, Arthur Dobrin; The Evolution of Moral Meaning Making, Robert Kegan; Woman's Place in Man's Life Cycle, Carol Gilligan; Psychoanalysis and Moral Development, Robert Coles; Folkways, William Graham Sumner; Culture and the Construction of Moral Values: A Comparative Ethnography of Moral Encounters, Carolyn Pope Edwards; The Roots of Human Attachment, Samuel Oliner and Pearl Oliner; Notions of Connectedness and Community Among Political Activists, Debra Swoboda; Moral Philosophy as Applied Science, Michael Ruse and Edward O. Wilson.

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