Her Assassins (Kindred Souls, #1)

Her Assassins (Kindred Souls, #1)

Author: Helene Gadot

3.65 of 304

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One masterful musician. Three deadly assassins.

Read this reverse harem fantasy filled with adventure, romance, revolutionary songs, and more.

As the bastard child of parents who weren’t kindred souls, Rhapsody has spent her life on the move, music her only companion as she makes her way as a traveling bard who sings out against the king’s law. A law that makes it illegal to marry anyone but your kindred soul.

But when a trio of assassins sent by the king to silence her invades her camp one night, they’re unable to finish the job, declaring her their kindred.

Rhapsody never thought she’d find hers, much less three of them, and she certainly isn’t interested in having her freedom and choices stripped away by the bond.

The problem is, she may need them to stay alive because they weren’t the only ones the king sent after her.

Unable to deny or fight the attraction she feels for them, Rhapsody faces her most difficult choice yet --- run as far and fast as she can or accept the three assassins as hers.

Don’t miss the start of this new reverse harem romance series. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a reverse harem novel where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose between love interests. The series will have MM and FF and a mix of the two action. This novel has mature sexual content, graphic language, and is not meant for anyone under the age of 18 or those who are offended by any of the above.

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