So Much to Tell You (So Much to Tell You, #1)

So Much to Tell You (So Much to Tell You, #1)

ISBN: 184428946X

ISBN 13: 9781844289462

Publication Date: 2004

Publisher: Walker Books

Pages: 150

Format: Paperback

Author: John Marsden

3.82 of 4,457

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Scarred, literally, by her past, Marina has withdrawn into silence. Then, at her new boarding school, she is set the task of writing a diary by her English teacher, and finds a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings and of exploring the traumatic events that have caused her distress. Through Marina's diary we gain an insight into life on her dormitory, and her difficult relationship with her father, who injured her in an angry moment. Eventually, Marina makes tentative friendships and, in a moving denouement, is reconciled with her father.

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