ISBN: 1889439312

ISBN 13: 9781889439310

Publication Date: May 15, 2002

Publisher: Paper Tiger (NJ)

Pages: 352

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Victor Hugo, Ayn Rand

4.08 of 2,616

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Ninety-three, the last of Victor Hugo's novels, is regarded by many including such diverse critics as Robert Louis Stevenson and André Maurois as his greatest work.

1793, Year Two of the Republic, saw the establishment of the National Convention, the execution of Louis XVI, the Terror, and the monarchist revolt in the Vendée, brutally suppressed by the Republic. Hugo's epic follows three protagonists through this tumultuous year: the noble royalist de Lantenac; Gauvain, who embodies a benevolent and romantic vision of the Republic; and Cimourdain, whose principles are altogether more robespierrean.The conflict of values culminates in a dramatic climax on the scaffold.

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