X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song

ISBN: 0785100253

ISBN 13: 9780785100256

Publication Date: March 20, 2002

Publisher: Marvel Comics Group

Pages: 360

Format: Paperback

Authors: Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Peter David

3.76 of 1,610

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An assassination attempt on Professor X by Cable sets in motion the events of this 12-part story involving the two X-Men teams, the government-sponsored X-Factor, and the paramilitary X-Force--formerly the New Mutants--against Stryfe, Apocalypse, and Mr. Sinister.

Includes Uncanny X-Men #294-296, X-Factor #84-86, X-Force #16-18, and X-Men #14-16

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