Wolf Solent

Wolf Solent

ISBN: 0375703071

ISBN 13: 9780375703072

Publication Date: November 24, 1998

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 640

Format: Paperback

Author: John Cowper Powys

4.09 of 322

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When it was first published in 1929, John Cowper Powys's rapturous novel of eros and ideas was compared with works by Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, and D.H. Lawrence. Since then it has won the admiration of writers from Henry Miller to Iris Murdoch. Wolf Solent remains wholly unrivaled in its deft and risky balance of mysticism and social comedy, ecstatic contemplation of nature and unblinking observation of human folly and desire.

Forsaking London for Ramsgard, a village in Dorsetshire, Wolf Solent discovers a world of pagan splendor and medieval insularity, riddled by ancient scandals and resentments. And there this poetic young man meets two women—the sensuous beauty Gerda and the ethereal gamine Christie—who will become the sharers of his body and soul. Audacious, extravagant, and gloriously strange, Wolf Solent is a twentieth-century masterpiece.

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