Flora's Defiance (Secretly Pregnant…Conveniently Wed, #2)

Flora's Defiance (Secretly Pregnant…Conveniently Wed, #2)

ISBN: 0373129815

ISBN 13: 9780373129812

Publication Date: March 22, 2011

Publisher: Harlequin

Pages: 192

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Lynne Graham

3.46 of 463

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Women fall over themselves to say yes to anything Angelo van Zaal wants--so he's shocked when proud redhead Flora Bennett says no to his plans!

Flora is determined to adopt her baby niece, despite Angelo's assumption that he will have guardianship. And, though he's annoyed with himself for wanting her, Flora annoys Angelo even more for avoiding the shimmer of sexual attraction between them. There has to be a way to make Flora obey all his wishes, and there is--but it involves an unexpected pregnancy and three more babies....

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