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The ability to create a panoramic image on a smartphone camera or for that matter, any camera can be a little daunting. The panorama you create can have a serious limitation. Are you looking for a tool that can be quite effective in letting you stitch your images together and create wonderful panoramas?

Well, creating a panorama image is a huge task in itself. Windows itself provides you access to several such tools. Paint and Photoshop are perhaps a couple of great examples from that perspective. The ability to combine multiple images to form a panorama image is indeed something that can be highly useful since it offers you create an image that has a high impact on its viewer.

While the two tools that we referred to have been observed to be much effective in achieving the task of creating Panoramas, they do come with their own disadvantages. That is exactly where a tool such as Photo Stitcher can come quite handy in more than one way.

Photo Stitcher – What it is?

Well, you might already have understood what it is. It is an application that is helpful in stitching two or more images together. Photo Stitcher is an excellent option that offers cross-platform compatibility for your task of stitching your images together.

It simplifies the task to a truly great level. When you compare it to Paint which is a barebones tool without any advanced features, you may find it a little difficult to work with. On the other hand, Photoshop comes with a huge number of options that can simply overwhelm you and make your task more complex. Photo Stitcher from Vertex Share follows a middle path and allows you to opt for an easy to follow option and offers an easy to use option with advanced features.

What makes Photo Stitcher a good option?

Now that we are aware of the kind of requirements that Photo Stitcher helps you achieve, how about checking out the best features that the tool provides you access to? That would perhaps help us understand the functionality of the software even better.

Photo Stitcher is one of the excellent options that can prove to be handy enough for merging a wide range of image formats that include screenshots, landscapes, and portraits. The task usually gets completed within a span of a few seconds.

Some of the worthy features include:

Adjustment for spacing

You can create rows of images either vertically or horizontally. A simple drag on the slider gets the work done. You also have access to a host of additional tools that can help you edit the merged photos. The options to add annotation, watermarks, shapes, arrows and frames are a few more features that come with this tool.

Minimalistic interface

The tool offers you a truly minimal design and works effectively in providing you with an easy to use interface. Whether you are a newbie or someone who already has plenty of experience in handling the images. Despite being free to use platform, you will find it offers an exciting range of features for stitching images. The application is free of any ads.

A High Quality of Output

The Photo Stitcher app can let you edit your images and export it in high quality to any of the devices you are looking to. The availability of high-quality image and high-end dimensions are a huge plus point. You can either save the image to your photo album or share it with your friends.

High End Editing Tools

Photo Stitcher offers you access to an excellent set of options when it comes to editing the images. In fact, the tool doubles up as a full-fledged video editor and provides you with an option to use it as a photo editing tool as well. You can use the tool for a wide range of editing options such as annotations, watermark, mosaic, arrows, frames and a wide range of shapes.
Some other features that you might find useful are-

  • The tool supports the export of HD images. You can stitch your photo without losing the quality of the image.
  • A universal compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Ability to edit the height and weight of your images to suit your exact requirements.
  • You can get access to an easier scrolling of horizontal and vertical scrolling of images.
  • The tool can be used to stitch photos both vertically or horizontally. You can do that wit just Zero.
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