Artificial Hills: Artificial Dwelling Hills, Barrows, Mounds, Maeshowe, Cairn, Eemsmond, Winsum, Silbury Hill, Tumulus

Artificial Hills: Artificial Dwelling Hills, Barrows, Mounds, Maeshowe, Cairn, Eemsmond, Winsum, Silbury Hill, Tumulus

ISBN: 1158138105

ISBN 13: 9781158138104

Publication Date: August 30, 2011

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

Format: Paperback

Author: Source Wikipedia

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 68. Chapters: Artificial dwelling hills, Barrows, Mounds, Maeshowe, Cairn, Eemsmond, Winsum, Silbury Hill, Tumulus, Gordion Furniture and Wooden Artifacts, Heuneburg, Mound builder, Glauberg, Vix Grave, Midden, Burgstallkogel, Stonehenge Cursus, Kofun, Anglo-Saxon burial mounds, Nympsfield Long Barrow, Spoil tip, Walkington Wold burials, Feurt Mounds and Village Site, West Kennet Long Barrow, Duggleby Howe, Devil's Jumps, Treyford, Disc barrow, Wayland's Smithy, Oval barrow, Windmill tump, Earthwork, Stonehenge Landscape, Stoney Littleton Long Barrow, Fairy Toot, Haga Kurgan, Bowl barrow, Platform mound, Taplow burial, White Barrow, Bank barrow, Round barrow, Bush Barrow, Serpent Mounds Park, Rottum, Groningen, Grossmugl, Ringlemere barrow, List of long barrows in the United Kingdom, Bell barrow, Seven Barrows, Pond barrow, Montem Mound, Baflo, Brightwell Barrow, Tumulus of Montefortini, Stalldown Barrow, Langdos. Excerpt: A tumulus (plural tumuli) is a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves. Tumuli are also known as barrows, burial mounds, Hugelgrab or kurgans, and can be found throughout much of the world. A tumulus composed largely or entirely of stones is usually referred to as a cairn. A long barrow is a long tumulus, usually for numbers of burials. The method of inhumation may involve a dolmen, a cist, a mortuary enclosure, a mortuary house or a chamber tomb. Examples of barrows include Duggleby Howe and Maeshowe. The word tumulus is Latin for 'mound' or 'small hill', from the PIE root *teuh2- with extended zero grade *tum-, 'to bulge, swell' also found in tumor, thumb, thigh and thousand. Tumulus can also refer to a formation caused by the uplift of lava on a p hoehoe flow field. The lava pushes up against the recently solidified surface creating tumuli along the surface. The funeral of Patroclus is describ..

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