All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day

ISBN: 0380791161

ISBN 13: 9780380791163

Publication Date: June 01, 1998

Publisher: Avon Books

Pages: 374

Format: Paperback

Author: Bill Morris

3.33 of 5

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A novel of scope, intelligence, and breathtaking invention that drives the American Dream halfway aroung the world to expose its rusting chassis and empty interior.The story begins on a scalding hot January day in 1963, when a mint condition pink and black '54 Buick Century is lowered onto the Klong Toey dock in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the final realization of expatriate Sam Malloy's dream, the reminder of a simpler past far removed from the horrors the former Navy frogman witnessed in the jungles of Southeast Asia. In All Souls' Day, Bill Morris recreates a truly momentous year in a volatile corner of the globe; ingeniously blending real and imagined people and events as he pulls Sam Malloy and Ann Sinclair -- a beautiful young idealist with the U.S. Information Service in Saigon -- far from the safe, warm comfort of red vinyl and black fabric, and propels them into the morass of secrets, lies, dubious acts and harrowing consequences surrounding a nasty little war that is about to explode.

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