Sam Walton: Made In America

Sam Walton: Made In America

ISBN: 0553562835

ISBN 13: 9780553562835

Publication Date: June 01, 1993

Publisher: Bantam

Pages: 346

Format: Paperback

Authors: Sam Walton, John Huey

4.12 of 12,407

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Meet a genuine American folk hero cut from the homespun cloth of America's heartland: Sam Walton, who parlayed a single dime store in a hardscrabble cotton town into Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world. The undisputed merchant king of the late twentieth century, Sam never lost the common touch. Here, finally, inimitable words. Genuinely modest, but always sure if his ambitions and achievements. Sam shares his thinking in a candid, straight-from-the-shoulder style.In a story rich with anecdotes and the "rules of the road" of both Main Street and Wall Street, Sam Walton chronicles the inspiration, heart, and optimism that propelled him to lasso the American Dream.
Table Of Contents
1. Learning to Value a Dollar
2. Starting on a Dime
3. Bouncing Back
4. Swimming Upstream
5. Raising a Family
6. Recruiting the Team
7. Taking the Company Public
8. Rolling Out the Formula
9. Building the Partnership
10. Stepping Back
11. Creating a Culture
12. Making the Customer Number One
13. Meeting the Competition
14. Expanding the Circles
15. Thinking Small
16. Giving Something Back
17. Running a Successful Company: Ten Rules That Worked for Me
18. Wanting to Leave a Legacy
A Postscript
Co-Author's Note

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