Simple Social Media: Amp-Up the Voice of Your Business

Simple Social Media: Amp-Up the Voice of Your Business

ISBN: 1456556320

ISBN 13: 9781456556327

Publication Date: January 16, 2011

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 148

Format: Paperback

Author: Russell Mickler

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"Social" is a critical aspect of any small business strategy. The problem is that many resources that discuss social media are written from the perspective of its tools and do not necessarily cover useful business strategies. Bogged-down in complex technical discussions, small business managers end up turning away from social media because they simply don't see how it applies to their business, or, don't understand how it'll provide any value to their customers. Sure, many business managers would agree that social media seems valuable, but how do you measure its benefits? Without the technical mumbo-jumbo, how does it contribute to competitive advantage? What are the driving forces behind social media? What are some practical ways to leverage social media to extend value to customers? Are there financial returns? Is there a planning process to running a social media campaign? How can a small business start using social media effectively tomorrow? Simple Social Media was written for the small business manager in mind, to both confront these problems and to provide a practical understanding of the strategies behind social media lend to real, material benefits.

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