James Bond and Moonraker (Film-Script Adaptation)

James Bond and Moonraker (Film-Script Adaptation)

ISBN: 0586050345

ISBN 13: 9780586050347

Authors: Christopher Wood, Ian Fleming

3.60 of 333

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A very regrettable incident has occurred. A US Moonraker space shuttle, on loan to the British, has disappeared - apparently into thin air. Who has the spacecraft? The Russians? Hugo Drax, multi-millionaire supporter of the NASA space programme, thinks so. But Commander James Bond knows better.

Aided by the beautiful - and efficient - Dr Holly Goodhead, 007 embarks on his most dangerous mission yet. Objective: to prevent one of the most insane acts of human destruction ever contemplated. Destination: outer space. The stakes are high. Astronomical even. But only Bond could take the rough so smoothly. Even when he's out of this world...

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