Magical Gardens: Myths, Mulch and Marigolds

Magical Gardens: Myths, Mulch and Marigolds

ISBN: 1567184669

ISBN 13: 9781567184662

Publication Date: August 08, 1999

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Pages: 161

Format: Paperback

Author: Patricia Monaghan

3.83 of 24

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Attune with the deep spirituality of the Earth as you learn to plan, create, and enjoy the fruits of your very own magical garden. Your garden can be a magical place and you can be a "magical gardener," a person who takes a soulful approach to tending green things. In "Magical Gardens" by Patricia Monaghan, you'll discover how to listen for the spiritual messages your garden offers and consciously nurture your connection between the soil and your soul.
"Magical Gardens" is a book that will inspire the garden in your heart as well as the one outside your door. Sixteen perennial garden plans with easy-to-follow schematic drawings will help you create spaces that enrich your senses, engage your imagination, and entwine your self with your spirit.
Being a magical gardener is more than just planting certain herbs, edibles, and flowers. Included in this beautifully illustrated book are myths and legends that will put meaning and life back into your connection with the Earth. You'll discover how to use meditations, rituals, and even how to work with your dreams so you can create not just a garden, but a truly magical garden. Among the models that will help you plan your own growing area are:
- The Angel Garden
- The Fairy Garden
- Kuan Yin's Garden of Mercy
- The Witch's Garden
- The Sorcerer's Secret Garden
- Bast's Cat Garden
All the ingredients for magic are here. Just add a rich mulch of the garden myths and rituals and seed with the meditations from this book--you'll soon reap the spiritual benefits of tending your own enchanting magical garden.

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