XAML Developer Reference

XAML Developer Reference

ISBN: 073565896X

ISBN 13: 9780735658967

Publication Date: December 22, 2011

Publisher: Microsoft Press

Pages: 342

Format: Paperback

Authors: Mamta Dalal, Ashish Ghoda

3.29 of 7

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Your expert guide to designing and building dynamic user interfaces

Sharpen your application design and development skills using XAML—the declarative markup language used in Microsoft® Silverlight® and Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF). Led by two XAML experts, you’ll learn practical ways to build rich, interactive user interfaces with data integration capabilities and support for multimedia, graphics, and animation. This hands-on guide is ideal for Microsoft .NET developers and web designers alike.

Discover how to:

Control UI behavior and implement business logic with code-behind solutions
Manage UI element positioning with the XAML layout system
Use templates to customize UI elements—without affecting their functionality
Apply different types of property and event systems in WPF and Silverlight
Bind various kinds of data to your UI, and display them in the format you want
Implement 2D and 3D vector graphics and animations
Reuse control styles and properties to maintain consistency throughout your application

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