Night Terrors Anthology

Night Terrors Anthology

ISBN: 9780980864

ISBN 13: 9780980864281

Publication Date: April 13, 2012

Publisher: Kayelle Press

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

Authors: Karen Henderson, J.C. Hemphill, Robert J. Mendenhall, Robert Essig, Stephen Patrick, Lindsey Beth Goddard, Edgar Allan Poe, Chris Donahue, Tim Jeffreys, Carole Hall, Jonathan Shipley, Mark Twain, C.I. Kemp, Sabrina West, Lisamarie Lamb, Mike Brooks, Guy de Maupassant, Andrew J. McKiernan

4.33 of 13

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What would you do if you received a phone call from a dead person? Or if aliens and zombies were killing everyone you loved? Or if your best friend offered you as a sacrifice? Or if you discovered a family secret that you'd prefer not to know? Do you know what's waiting for you in the attic? Or at the cemetery? How would you react to the pressure of being pushed over the limit because you desperately wanted to fit in? How would you feel being locked in the dark with a hungry creature outside wanting ... you? And can the children and the ancient ones really be trusted? With unknown sounds all around and unseen things moving in the shadows, do you think there are worse ways to die than in your sleep? Of course there is! From classic horror to modern day fears, "Night Terrors" will have you checking the wardrobe and looking under the bed before you attempt to go to sleep at night. Tales of spine-tingling ghosts and demons, blood-sucking vampires and the undead are just some of the treats this international anthology offers.

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