Charmed (Friends and Lovers Trilogy, #2)

Charmed (Friends and Lovers Trilogy, #2)

ISBN: 193281504X

ISBN 13: 9781932815047

Publication Date: December 01, 2004

Publisher: Medallion Press

Pages: 307

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Beth Ciotta

3.84 of 155

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Beloved storyteller Lulu Ross champions non-violence. Just her luck, she’s tiara over glass slippers for a man who carries a gun. Professional bodyguard Colin Murphy is s-e-x-y. Too bad he’s delusional. Who would want to hurt Princess Charming—a low-profile, goody-two-shoes who performs as a storybook character at children’s birthday parties? Surely the sexy gifts from a secret admirer are meant for her sister, a bombshell wannabe action-star. Or are they?

Murphy is determined to protect Lulu whether she likes it or not. Perpetually cheerful and absurdly trusting, the locally famous kiddy-heroine refuses to believe she's in danger. Tipped off by the FBI, Murphy knows otherwise, but convincing Lulu that she's the fantasy target of a mobster's fixation is like trying to hang shades on the sun. Contending with a woman who favors bubblegum lip gloss and a pink poodle purse becomes an exercise in fascination and frustration for the world-weary protection specialist; almost as frustrating as resisting her whimsical charm.

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