Tales of Ten Worlds

Tales of Ten Worlds

ISBN: 0575074965

ISBN 13: 9780575074965

Publisher: Gollancz

Author: Arthur C. Clarke

4.01 of 1,599

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Fifteen stories by "our ablest practitioner of science fiction," ranging from the sinister rescue of a Sputnik and the Pacific to startling and amusing adventures on the moon, in a comet's tail, on Mars and Venus, and the rings of Saturn, and on the asteroid Icarus only seventeen million miles from the sun. The long concluding story, "The Road to the Sea," is set thousands of years in the future when men have ventured beyond our solar system and the last civilizations on earth are being evacuated.

Contains the following short stories

I Remember Babylon • (1960)
Summertime on Icarus • (1960)
Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Orbiting ... • (1959)
Who's There? • (1958)
Hate • (1961)
Into the Comet • (1960)
An Ape About the House • (1962)
Saturn Rising • (1961)
Let There Be Light • [Tales from the White Hart] • (1957)
Death and the Senator • (1961)
Trouble With Time • (1960)
Before Eden • (1961)
A Slight Case of Sunstroke • (1958)
Dog Star • (1962)
The Road to the Sea • (1951)

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