The Preverbs of Tell: News Torqued from Undertime

The Preverbs of Tell: News Torqued from Undertime

ISBN: 1581770707

ISBN 13: 9781581770704

Publication Date: November 01, 2005

Publisher: Station Hill Press

Pages: 150

Format: Paperback

Author: George Quasha

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The first volume in a series of works in which each line draws itself new from "undertime," an essential well of disruptively luminous utterance. Like Blake's "Proverbs of Hell," these lines and the textual fields that they accumulate do not so much carry multiple meanings as they act upon the wakeful reader's mind to allow multiple, evanescent, yet entirely concrete states of meaning.Anyone who has been intrigued by the intellectual sophistication of language poetry, yet longs for work that remains in more intimate contact with the actual operations of the living human mind, will be excited by this poetry.

George Quasha is the author of "Ainu Dreams "and "Somapoetics," editor of "The Station Hill Blanchot Reader," co-editor of "America a Prophecy "and co-author of three books on the video-installation artist, Gary Hill.

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