Anything He Wants 4: The Rescue (Dominated by the Billionaire, #4)

Anything He Wants 4: The Rescue (Dominated by the Billionaire, #4)

Publication Date: July 25, 2012

Publisher: Fawkesfire

Pages: 47

Format: ebook

Author: Sara Fawkes

3.91 of 4,396

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She never expected her new life would be so deadly...

When Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton, she had no idea she'd be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire. Barely surviving poisoned champagne, she is whisked away to a beachfront estate in the Hamptons that is fortified like Fort Knox. Safety comes at a price however - even as she learns more about her enigmatic boss, the billionaire's refusal to let her in on the investigation confuses the still-recovering Lucy. To compound matters, family members seek to drive them apart, straining their tenuous relationship to the breaking point. All the while, a deadly threat lurks in the background...waiting...

Aslo published as Collateral Damage

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