Shortcuts (Other Places, #1)

Shortcuts (Other Places, #1)

Publication Date: December 03, 2012

Publisher: Orange Cat Publishing

Pages: 249

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: P.S. Power

4.05 of 473

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Nothing is as you think.

Fifteen years ago a young boy was stolen from his home in Wisconsin, coming back sixteen months later with no memory of what happened. It was a traumatic event that left him insane, but functional. If barely.

Now, Zack Hartley has to find a job or face starvation as the Christmas season approaches, which leads him to take a very special shortcut through a rift in space, to a very unusual shopping center. A place filled with supernatural creatures and dangers that he would never have imagined being in his own home town.

If he can keep his job things might just work out though, even if he is the only human being in existence that can walk the Nodes that connect places without penalty. Luckily he has some friends to help him out. Like his roommate Troy, the strange and interesting girl that works at the shop across from his...

And the voice in his head.

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