The Savage Hawkman, Volume 2: Wanted

The Savage Hawkman, Volume 2: Wanted

ISBN: 1401240844

ISBN 13: 9781401240844

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Publisher: DC Comics

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Authors: Rob Liefeld, Mark Poulton, Joe Bennett, Art Thibert, Guy Major, Travis Lanham, Ryan Winn, Tom DeFalco, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Marc Deering, Dave Baron, Tom Derenick, Richard Zajac, Wes Dzioba, Ruy Jose, Jason Wright, Frank Tieri, Jack Jadson, Wayne Faucher

2.81 of 124

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Hank Hall, as known as Hawkman has been inching closer to discovering the answers about who he really is and why he is being hunted. But with deadly assassins and powerful villians at his throat, Hank may never learn the truth behind his past as he battles across the entire DC Universe for survival!

Collecting: The Savage Hawkman 0, 9-20

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