ISBN 13: 9781926998213

Publication Date: January 15, 2013

Format: ebook

Authors: Kirsty Logan, Courtney McDermott, Marielle Mondon, Pauline Holdstock

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In Kirsty Logan's 'Suckers', a comic book-obsessed vampire learns that (eternal) life isn’t about what you spend it on – it’s about who you spend it with. In 'Off the Main Highway' by Courtney McDermott, a young woman recalls her childhood at a family-owned motel under the thumb of her overbearing grandfather. A college music student and part-time nude model is awakened by her first truly passionate affair in Marielle Mondon's 'Cup Rings'. After undergoing a cosmetic treatment to recover her lost youth, a middle-aged mother finds herself reconnected to her alienated daughter in an unexpected and incredible way in Pauline Holdstock's 'Mirror, Mirror'.

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