American Underground

American Underground

ISBN: 1492145351

ISBN 13: 9781492145356

Publication Date: August 12, 2013

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 370

Format: Paperback

Author: Tom Lombardo

3.25 of 8

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An exciting novel of action, adventure, romance, and great political activism!" -- Michael S. Painter, WBKE-FM, Palm Beach Florida "Expect to read a roller coaster of a novel! The characters take their roles to the max!" -- Bill Gittins, Plein Air LandscapePainter Vibrant themes of End Times prophecy, the rise of the super-rich and Buddhist Sutras trace the mysterious impact that consciousness has upon reality.Wonderfully intense characters make desperate lunges at fulfillment -- or they heal themselves to create a better world. As war and oppression close in, rebels in Northern California boldly seize their own futures. Young lovers and eccentric idealists scramble to confront violent forces of belief and greed targeting the entire globe. Characters and ideas collide and explode. Will the world plunge into war and oppression? Or can the rebels strike back?

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