Chess Endgame Quiz

Chess Endgame Quiz

ISBN: 1580420745

ISBN 13: 9781580420747

Publication Date: November 19, 2002

Publisher: Cardoza

Pages: 224

Format: Paperback

Author: Larry Evans

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This challenging book features two hundred challenges in the multiple choice format that has proved so popular for chess-playing readers.  These instructive, elegant and entertaining positions will not only challenge and entertain you, but will also teach you how to improve your endgame while trying to find the best move of the three choices presented.  The problems are divided into various sections, such as king and pawn endings, minor piece endings, queen endings, and rook and pawn endings, so that players can concentrate on areas for either training and learning processes, or just flat out fun.  Endgame study is so important to players, but with challenges such as these, it's not work, but fun.  What is the best move?  Take the plunge and find out!  304 pages

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