Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories

Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories

ISBN: 0883855275

ISBN 13: 9780883855270

Publication Date: June 11, 1998

Publisher: Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Pages: 150

Format: Paperback

Author: S. Brent Morris

4.00 of 4

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Here is a book that explores the fascinating interconnections between three seemingly unrelated topics. The reader need have no specialist mathematical background to follow the text beyond high school mathematics, which makes it suitable for budding magicians and students of all ages. It is a fun book that looks at the mathematics of the perfect shuffle and develops the procedures for controlling dynamic memories and doing some clever card tricks. Each chapter begins with the description of a card trick and ends with its explanation, usually using some mathematics developed earlier. The book itself is designed as a prop for a trick, but you don't need to use mathematics or even understand it to do some 'magic'.

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