D8 with F8

D8 with F8

ISBN: 0971589917

ISBN 13: 9780971589919

Publication Date: March 22, 2014

Publisher: Brown Bag Books LLC

Pages: 324

Format: Paperback

Author: Anthony P. Jones

5.00 of 1

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When is a murder not a murder... Schaffer O'Grady returns with a new assignment yielding much more than he bargained for! Renita Duplechain, second in command at the FBI's BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) heads the FBI's National Academy. There, Schaffer learns many of the intricacies of interacting with serial killers and Renita accomplishes what was considered impossible, she lands Schaffer's heart. Schaffer researches deaths in Virginia linked by similarities, bathtub drowning. The victims appear unrelated on the surface, until he reviews the police footage of the scenes. Renita dismisses his claim until she sees the footage. Schaffer joins Renita and her team canvassing the crime scenes and finds them sterile. Renita has Schaffer publish an article in an effort to draw the killer out. Thrilled by the exposure, the killer escalates his kills, while taunting both Schaffer and Renita's BAU team. The closer Schaffer and Renita get to the killer, the closer they come to being added to the victim list. This fast-paced thrill ride pits an accomplished killer against a highly-trained BAU team. Who will prove to be the Gr8est at their craft? ...suicide, though not a subject of conviction, leaves the perpetrator both victim and murderer.

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