Wide Awake

Wide Awake

ISBN: 0375834664

ISBN 13: 9780375834660

Publication Date: September 12, 2006

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Pages: 221

Format: Hardcover

Author: David Levithan

3.72 of 3,565

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I can't believe there's going to be a gay Jewish president.

As my mother said this, she looked at my father, who was still staring at the screen. They were shocked, barely comprehending.

Me? I sat there and beamed.

Everything seems to be going right in Duncan's life: The candidate he's been supporting for president has just won the election. Duncan's boyfriend, Jimmy, is with him to celebrate. Love and kindness appear to have won the day.

But all too quickly, things start to go wrong. The election is called into question... and Duncan and Jimmy's relationship is called into question, too. Suddenly Duncan has to decide what he's willing to risk for something he believes in... and how far he's willing to go to hold on to the people we hold dear.

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