ISBN: 0155041630

ISBN 13: 9780155041639

Publication Date: August 01, 1997

Publisher: Harcourt College Publishers

Author: Emily Spinelli

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This introductory Spanish program presents an interactive approach to the language within a cultural context. The program consists of a variety of materials that promote functional use of the language. Each chapter is organized around a theme related to a place or situation that is likely to be encountered by a person studying, working, or traveling in a Spanish-speaking country. Authentic language and materials provide the same type of listening and reading materials that native speakers hear and read, and the development of the receptive skills of listening and reading serves as a foundation for building proficiency in the productive skills of speaking and writing. Careful grammar presentations encourage students by allowing them to proceed from partial to full control of individual language structures; however, the grammar scope and sequence has been somewhat reduced to allow for more in-depth coverage and greater mastery of the material that is presented. Cultural information introduces students to the Spanish-speaking world and helps them develop an ability to function within that culture, cross-cultural comparisons and contrasts help students develop cultural understanding.

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