Choosing Not Losing: The Experience Of Depression

Choosing Not Losing: The Experience Of Depression

ISBN: 0006372023

ISBN 13: 9780006372028

Publication Date: September 02, 1996

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Author: Dorothy Rowe

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'I remember feeling very isolated. For a while I became convinced that I was set apart. Everyone seemed so well and confident. I marvelled that they were able to get through the day.'

Joan had a happy family and a nice home, but saw no point in living further. Mary feared that no one would notice if she died. John desperately needed someone to talk to following the death of a close friend. Joe tried to murder the girl he loved. And Dave's aggression went either against himself or against the world.

Depression is the greatest isolation we can experience, a prison which we build for ourselves. Just as we build it, however, so we can unlock the door and let ourselves out. In 'Choosing Not Losing', eminent psychologist Dorothy Rowe draws on her experiences with a number of patients who were referred to her for treatment. Their stories show that the lives of even those in the depths of depression 'can' change.

A sympathetic and immensely valuable book, full of insight into the often strange and moving world of suffering inhabited by the depressive, 'Choosing Not Losing' will give hope to all who read it.

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