Pride and Prejudice(English edition)【傲慢与偏见(英文版)】

Pride and Prejudice(English edition)【傲慢与偏见(英文版)】

Author: Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice: The book revolves around the theme that Mrs Bennet is primarily concerned with finding suitable husbands for her five daughters, and the story follows the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, the second of the five daughters. The hero Darcy is rich, noble but have excessive pride; Elizabeth who is Young, headstrong, intelligent and lively have prejudice against Darcy. Love between them is flickering and very difficult to develop, but finally they broke this pride and prejudice. At the end of the work, both overcome their differences and first impressions to fall in love with each other.【傲慢与偏见:本书围绕着班纳特太太如何把女儿嫁出去的主题展开故事。其中又以二女儿的婚事为主线。男主人公达西富有、高贵但却十分高高傲;二女儿伊丽莎白年轻、任性且聪明活泼,对达西心存偏见。爱情在两人之间忽隐忽现、步履维艰,但终于打破了这种傲慢与偏见。小说最终在两人幸福美满的婚姻中落下帷幕。】

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