The Duel

The Duel

ISBN: 081297008X

ISBN 13: 9780812970081

Publication Date: October 14, 2003

Publisher: Modern Library

Pages: 128

Format: Paperback

Authors: Anton Chekhov, Constance Garnett

3.99 of 1,292

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First published in 1891, this morality tale pits a scientist, a government worker, his mistress, a deacon, and a physician against one another in a verbal battle of wits and ethics that explodes into a violent contest: the duel. When Laevsky, a lazy youth who works for the government, tires of his dependent mistress, Nadyezhda Fyodorovna, Von Koren, the scientist, delivers a scathing critique of Loevsky’s egotism, forcing the young man to examine his soul. The Duel is a tale of human weakness, the possibility of forgiveness, and a man’s ultimate ability to change his ways. It is classic Chekhov, revealing the multifaceted essence of human nature.

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