Engelska Forskare: Engelska Biologer, Engelska Filosofer, Engelska Fysiker, Engelska Historiker, Engelska Matematiker, Engelska Professorer

Engelska Forskare: Engelska Biologer, Engelska Filosofer, Engelska Fysiker, Engelska Historiker, Engelska Matematiker, Engelska Professorer

ISBN: 1231809213

ISBN 13: 9781231809211

Publication Date: August 04, 2011

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

Format: Paperback

Author: Källa Wikipedia

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Kalla: Wikipedia. Sidor: 47. Kapitlen: Engelska biologer, Engelska filosofer, Engelska fysiker, Engelska historiker, Engelska matematiker, Engelska professorer, Engelska teologer, Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, Thomas Hobbes, Alan Turing, Anne Isabella Byron, Thomas Cranmer, Tim Berners-Lee, Anne Conway, Mandell Creighton, Lewis Carroll, Nassau William Senior, John Payne Collier, John Wycliffe, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Karl Pearson, John Wallis, Edward Herbert, 1: e baron Herbert av Cherbury, William Chillingworth, Edward Bouverie Pusey, Stephen Gray, George Grote, William Wollaston, Thomas Digges, William Allen, Roger Penrose, George Montagu, William Oughtred, N.T. Wright, William Coxe, Edward Wright, J.J. Thomson, Richard Hooker, William Whiston, Walter William Skeat, Anthony Buzzard, Brian Cox, Thomas Cartwright, John N. Gray, William Burnside, Fritz Heinemann, Stephen R. L. Clark, Joseph Butler, Edward Thorpe, Lewis Fry Richardson, John Norris, George E.P. Box, Ralph Miliband, John William Fletcher, Henry Briggs, William Molesworth, William Edward Ayrton, Philip Henry Gosse, Matthew Tindal, Samuel Clarke, John Canton, William Shanks, George Gabriel Stokes, John Frederic Daniell, William Kingdon Clifford, Henry Gellibrand, Thomas Nuttall, John Landen, Thomas Fuller, Gordon Wenham, Praise-God Barebone, James Alison, Thomas Spencer Baynes, Joseph Raphson, John Antony Cramer, Ralph Cudworth, John Conway, Michael Ruse, William Brouncker, William Bradshaw, Samuel Daniel, William Tooke, Thomas Bayes, Charles Blount, Edmund Gunter, George Nuttall, Thomas Hill Green, Richard Cumberland, Roger av Wendover, John Fawcett, Edmund Law, Gregory Dix, Evelyn Underhill, John Julius Norwich, John Biddle, Benjamin Thorpe, Gilbert Ryle, John Mill, Richard Burthogge, Robert Abbot, William Emerson, Nathanael Culverwell, William Capon. Utdrag: Sir Isaac Newton, fodd 25 december 1642 (4 januari 1643 enligt n.s.) i Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, dod 20 mars (31 mars enligt n.s..

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