Star Wars Tales, Vol. 6

Star Wars Tales, Vol. 6

ISBN: 1593074476

ISBN 13: 9781593074470

Publication Date: February 07, 2006

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Pages: 232

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jeremy Barlow, Ian Edginton, Thomas Andrews, Joshua Ortega, Michel Lacombe, Cully Hamner, Kevin Rubio, Roger Langridge, Shane McCarthy, Chris Avellone, Rob Williams, Brandon Badeaux, Steve Pugh, Dustin Weaver, James Raiz, Lucas Marangon, Nathan P. Butler

4.02 of 370

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The vastness of the Star Wars galaxy hosts an ever-unfolding mythology, filled with character-driven stories of loss and tragedy, of heroism and redemption. Collected here are ten such tales - thrilling adventures that traverse and illuminate every era in the Star Wars mythos. From the life-affirming lessons of the Force to the moral and emotional fall-out that comes with giving oneself over to the ways of the Sith, these exhilarating stories will change the way you see that galaxy far, far away.

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