Kwamboka's Inquiry

Kwamboka's Inquiry

ISBN: 1926906527

ISBN 13: 9781926906522

Publication Date: March 20, 2017

Publisher: Nsemia Inc.

Format: Paperback

Author: Arthur Dobrin

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Who killed Dr. Sarah Kwamboka?

This popular founder of a girls' school is shot dead in her house and an inspector from Nairobi is sent to Kisii to investigate. While attempting to uncover the motive behind the brutal crime, Sgt. James Dingiria discovers that Kwamboka had been collecting memoirs from the area as a way of preserving the region's history.

This novel weaves a murder mystery around short stories that reveal the history of ordinary people from this part of the country with a look at present-day Kenya.

What others say

''Dobrin has carefully plotted his novel with style that provides a smooth flow through short stories. It is carefully thought plot that rouses a reader's tang!''- Sally Boyani, Book Editor.

''It is a gripping story about murder, corruption, power, church politics, Colonisation and Chauvinism. The great drift of suspense in the text and the interwoven short stories make it a page turner. Well told and a must read.''- Verah Omwocha, Book Editor.

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