The New Life: And Eight More (The Storystream, #4)

The New Life: And Eight More (The Storystream, #4)

Publication Date: November 29, 2017

Pages: 165

Format: ebook

Author: Jamie Brindle

5.00 of 7

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Rosewater doesn’t want trouble. He is quite happy keeping his head down and concentrating on his job - divesting the newly dead of all the junk and trinkets of life after they have left it, so that they can be properly recycled.

But when his brother, Quince, falls ill, it is down to Rosewater to prevent the powers that be from packing him off to a cosy little reality-bubble and letting him die.

But what can a single meta-real entity do against the soulless, crushing bureaucracy of a Universe determined that every important decision needs to be made by committee?

The New Life is the latest short story from The Land Before Life (though it takes place partly after life, and partly below it, too). The collection also contains eight other short stories of magic, humour, and strangeness.

Stories in the collection:
The Hinge At The Edge Of Death
Daisy Strikes Back
The Distinguished Diner At The Hungry Narrative
Digital Conception
I’ve Got A Friend In You
Once Again And Forever
Autumn Flowers, And The Spring
The New Life

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