The Martian Way and Other Stories

The Martian Way and Other Stories

ISBN: 083760463X

ISBN 13: 9780837604633

Publication Date: August 01, 1982

Publisher: Bentley Publishers

Pages: 222

Format: Hardcover

Author: Isaac Asimov

3.99 of 3,223

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This collection of four famous science fiction tales masterfully exemplifies author Isaac Asimov's ability to create quickly a believable human milieu in the midst of alien circumstances. Each of the long stores also shows his considerable skill in fully fleshing out a speculative scientific or social possibility.


· The Martian Way · na Galaxy Nov ’52
· Youth · nv Space Science Fiction May ’52
· The Deep · ss Galaxy Dec ’52
· Sucker Bait [Troas] · na Astounding Feb ’54

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