Ripley Under Ground (Ripley, #2)

Ripley Under Ground (Ripley, #2)

ISBN: 0679742301

ISBN 13: 9780679742302

Author: Patricia Highsmith

3.74 of 1,956

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In this harrowing illumination of the psychotic mind, the enviable Tom Ripley has a lovely house in the French countryside, a beautiful and very rich wife, and an art collection worthy of a connoisseur. But such a gracious life has not come easily. One inopportune inquiry, one inconvenient friend, and Ripley's world will come tumbling down— unless he takes decisive steps. In a mesmerizing novel that coolly subverts all traditional notions of literary justice, Ripley enthralls us even as we watch him perform acts of pure and unspeakable evil.

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