The Invisibles: A Tale of the Eunuchs of India

The Invisibles: A Tale of the Eunuchs of India

ISBN: 067974228X

ISBN 13: 9780679742289

Publication Date: February 17, 1998

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 316

Format: Paperback

Author: Zia Jaffrey

3.31 of 107

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In this superb work of investigative reporting, Zia Jaffrey pursues the riddle of India's most elusive subculture, the cross-dressing and often-castrated figures known as "hijras" whose very name means neither male nor female. Are the hijras lucky or dangerous? Are they a nurturing community of outcasts or a criminal network that kidnaps and mutilates recruits? Do they number in the thousands or in the millions? As she talks with policemen, a unionizer of eunuchs, and with the hijras themselves, Jaffrey unravels veils of rumor and deception to locate the nature of our sexual and social thresholds, and the people who dwell on them. Deeply resonant, uniquely insightful, The Invisibles is an enthralling work.

"A magnificent journey. Jaffrey writes about this fascinating and delicate subject with human understanding and warmth."--Ryszard Kapuscinski

"Sensitively written...eloquent...and compassionate."--New York Times Book Review

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