The Nobody

The Nobody

ISBN: 1401220800

ISBN 13: 9781401220808

Publication Date: July 07, 2009

Publisher: Vertigo

Pages: 144

Format: Hardcover

Author: Jeff Lemire

3.69 of 2,190

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The tiny, isolated fishing village of Large Mouth never saw much excitement -- until the arrival of the stranger, that is. Wrapped from head to toe in bandages and wearing weird goggles, he quietly took up residence in the sleepy town's motel.Driven by curiosity, the townfolk quickly learn the tragic story of his past, and of the terrible accident that left him horribly disfigured. Eventually, the town embraces the stranger as one of their own -- but do his bandages hide more than just scars?

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The Nobody

by Jeff Lemire

3.69 of 2,190